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Thinker. Researcher. Teacher.

Ann Marie Murnaghan received her PhD in Human Geography from York University in 2010. As an academic, her research has contributed to the literature at the intersection of children's geographies and urban political ecology. She is an award winning teacher, and is committed to engaging students in thinking about their role as citizens. Please get in touch to find out more or to collaborate.

Dr. Murnaghan started her academic career as a research assistant in her second year of her undergraduate degree in Physical Geography. She was hooked when her mentor, Dr. Audrey Kobayashi, showed her how important social issues were being addressed through a Human Geography and social justice lens. Through the mentorship of brilliant scholars, Dr. Valerie Preston, Dr. Roger Keil, and Dr. Ranu Basu, she developed the critical thinking and analysis skills that she uses today. Passionate about making abstract concepts everyday, Dr. Murnaghan's favourite weekly activity is office hours when she can talk to students one on one about their research, and see their skills blossom in applied projects.

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